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I have a habit of…

I have a habit of looking for and exploring abandoned buildings. Today's subject was this abandoned gas station. It had character from the outside in, but the inside out was even better. This is one of the shots edited on my tablet, although I took a number of photos to make HDR's out of.. I will probably use them in future composite projects; I never know- I shoot just in case.. #photovixens

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Here’s a photo from my…

Here's a photo from my trip to Thailand earlier this year. This is a 3 exposure HDR I took at Wat Chalong in Phuket. It was an extremely rainy day so the clouds made for an incredible backdrop behind the temple. I loved the people and the stray dog hanging out in front and thought it added character to the overall photo. #photovixens #tbt #throwbackthursday #tracyleephotography

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So awesome to see @chuckzito…

So awesome to see @chuckzito on the big screen last night in the new movie, Home Front w/ @therealJasonStatham. I couldn't even believe it was him! Here's a photo I did of him from an impromptu shoot last year at the palms at 1am. I had a 3 light set up to shoot some models who weren't ready so threw him in beforehand. His character and charisma floats out of this photo and was the best shot of all the photos I took (models included) that night. This was while he was still taping for Sons of Anarchy. #photovixens #homefrontmovie #chuckzito

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Thank you to all of…

Thank you to all of my friends and all the rest of those I have yet to meet. #VeteransDay #thankyou #photovixens #tracyleephotography #appreciateallthatyouhavedone #appreciateallthatyoudo

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