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Continental breakfast on my way…

Continental breakfast on my way out of SD. I made sure to grab enough on my way out to share with the homeless man I saw sleeping on the street outside my hotel last night. He said a very gruff, 'thank you' to me when I handed him a banana and a muffin. Now I'm hitting the road back to Vegas! #payitforward #RAKE #tjlavin #RandomActsOfKindness #vivalasvegas #sandiego #headedhome #homeless #Thankyou #Breakfast

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Our team, #guttertrash bowling @NevadaHomelessYouth…

Our team, #guttertrash bowling @NevadaHomelessYouth charity event today! @anthonynjoku @atkinsc15 @laurainlv @k_field28 &I, and we sucked but it was for a great cause! Looking forward to working with this group going forward in the future! #livealifeworthliving #bowling #charity #nphy #Nevadapartnershipforhomelessyouth #Nevada #lasvegas #Vegas #suncoast #vegaslocal #payitforward #rakesuncoast

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#RandomActsofKindness #RAKE #payitforward Friday night!…

#RandomActsofKindness #RAKE #payitforward Friday night! A great way to kick off a night of partying in Orlando! After the insanely huge @americantopteam dinner @bucadibeppo, I grabbed three full bags of leftovers again (like last time) and ventured into downtown Orlando w/ my new ATT friends, @TheCreepyWeasel @DrBofshever @JustinBoff9 &Jake in tow. We were in search of homeless people to give the food to. I had asked the restaurant ahead of time to bag up and not throw away any of the leftovers that night. It took us less than 5 minutes. We came across this man who was sitting here and asked him if he was hungry. In the process of doing this, a man came out a gate next to us and started chatting with us. Turns out by some miracle we had found a homeless shelter without even trying! We delivered the rest of the food inside to them and high fived. Mission accomplished with almost no effort on our part! Thank you to my new friends Steve, Harley, Justin & Jake for joining me on my journey! Thank you to Dan Lambert, @liborioatt @americantopteam for allowing me to do this in the first place as well as for welcoming me always into your family! It seriously took no time for us to do this deed and it took no money or of our pockets. Again, we may not have changed anyone's lives but I hope we inspired you to make a difference in your own! #Inspirewithinspiration #dogooduntoothers #lendahelpinghand #livealifeworthliving

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This is my new friend,…

This is my new friend, Thomas. He is homeless and sleeps on the New York subway at night. He approached me while I was trying to live broadcast on @hangwith in Times Square. He was extremely nice and very kind, asked me some questions about myself and then explained that he wasn't asking me for money, that he hadn't eaten since 6 this morning and would I buy him some food. Without hesitation, I said, "I haven't eaten all day either and I am in search of a Halal cart to get chicken and rice from. Let's go have chicken and rice!" So he accompanied me for the next 8 blocks as I live broadcast through Time's Square. We got stopped a number of times along the way by various people with their street hustles and every time Thomas was there watching my back. As we walked, I started asking him questions about himself, and about his job situation. He informed me that he used to be a cook and that tomorrow he has a second interview at a pizza place. "It doesn't pay that great, but it's a start!" I congratulated him for trying and making the effort with a job as we finally found the cart that he suggested as the best one. We both ordered chicken and rice, but he got his mixed with lamb. I also bought him a Gatorade and myself a water. I handed him $2 more for the subway that night and then I ran off to catch a train downtown. But not before wishing him Good luck on his final job interview tomorrow. I spent over $10 today buying him food &more. Had he asked me for money my automated response would have been to turn him down. I think why is because I don't mind feeding someone but I do mind supporting a drug or drinking habit. I was also inspired by his kindness and his motivation to try and lift himself out of his current situation. As I have explained before, I do not share these stories looking for kudos or pats on the back; I didn't change his life by what I did, but I hope I helped him take the edge off for a day. I share these stories in the hopes that I can inspire you, as I have been equally inspired by others. #RAKE #RandomActsOfKindness #payitforward

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I’m learning this more and…

I'm learning this more and more as of late. Thank you to the people in my life who are inspiring me down a new path. A slow process, but an awakening nonetheless. @tjlavin @baha2fresh @thejadebryce @365lessstrangers @jaherd @franktrigg @roxannelavin #dogood #positivity #helpothers #payitforward #livealifeworthliving #quotes

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