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I’m trying to take this…

I'm trying to take this concept off paper and into real life. Please forgive me if it takes me a little to get it right! #quotes #inspiration #motivation #livealifeworthliving #smile #hardwork #dedication #happy #idontsleep #Thankyoutomyinspirators

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Just donated some time @…

Just donated some time @ College Park Baptist church passing out food and perishables. And the place is cleared out! We served over 90 families today enough food to last them a week. I had never been &was supposed to come last week but didn't because my friends weren't going to be here. This week I wasnt backing out no matter what; friends or no! I showed up and looked for Nancy Young. She was super nice and helpful and I was in the swing of things in no time! I know @tiffanymasterslv & @michaelsartain both volunteer here frequently & I plan on coming back! Who's coming with me? #RAKE #helpinghand #feedingfamilies #only3hoursoutofmyday #foodpantry #inspiration #motivation #lasvegas #Vegas

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****part one**** This is Joey…

****part one**** This is Joey Jones (@johnny_joey). I am honored to have made his acquaintance today on Randy couture (@xcnatch) annual GI Foundation Poker Bike Run. I didn't know his story at the point when I met him but it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day around his positive attitude and charismatic personality in spite of an injury that would have sunk most people in a deep depression for possibly the rest of their lives. After the Bike Run that took us into California &back, we arrived to Stoney's and I grabbed this photo with him. Little did I know that in less than an hour of the shutter snap, this impressive young man would make me cry. Randy introduced Joey to the room & he was welcomed w/loud cheers & clapping. His smile didn't leave his face as he began his story which he managed to make humorous throughout. He served our country in the #USMC in both #Iraq & #Afghanistan as an EOD Technician. He and his partner were called in one morning at 7 am to dismantle an IED. It was business as usual-got their job done, & were chatting about personal stuff after. He leaned against a wall and then his whole life changed. He lost both his legs in that IED explosion; his partner was not so lucky. His partner escaped seemingly unscathed, only to pass later on from severe brain trauma. ****to be continued look for part 2****

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****Part two check other photo…

****Part two check other photo for part 1**** And as his words continued to flow, so did his humor as well as his ability to motivate. I found myself wiping tears from the corners of my eyes; a little embarrassed but sure that I wasn't the only one tearing up. And it made me start thinking of all the people in the world that bad things happen to, this man stands before a crowd and not only tells his horrific story, but does it with a smile on his face. His zest for life, his passion for this country, and doing good for others is awe inspiring; all in spite of the things that he has overcome and the challenges he still faces. He currently is a representative for the #bootcampaign which helps wounded warriors like himself to get back on their feet, much like the GI Foundation does. I stand to learn a lot from knowing a person like this. Especially given the path I have recently started down in an effort to help others. I am a better person for knowing him; if only just for this one day. Please follow him on IG or Twitter @johnny_joey so you too can be equally inspired. #USMaineCorps #joeyJones #Randycouture #inspiration #positivity #helping #life #GIFoundation #xtremecouture #motivation

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