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I got invited to the…

I got invited to the @americantopteam after weigh in dinner again but this time it was host to almost 90 people! The ATT family is so welcoming and I want to thank Dan Lambert, @liborioatt, primo and the entire ATT team for always going out of your way to include me! Check out the pics of all the ATT guys that went 5-0 Saturday night here: Or go to and click on the appropriate album! #americantopteam #att #ufc #ufconfox #ufconfox11 #att #mixedmartialarts #orlando #florida #bucadibeppo #weighins #familydinner

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Here’s my accidental duck face!…

Here's my accidental duck face! Lol The @MieshaTate Afterparty in Orlando was held at Saddle Up in downtown. A group of us including TUF winner @VenezuelanVixen (thank you for taking me to the fights!) met up at Harry Buffalo before we adjourned to Miesha’s Afterparty at Saddle Up. We arrived before the guest of honor did and dug into the pizza that was waiting. @RealJackSwagger, the WWE Superstar was there with his crew and he was so huge that we had to get a photo with @MsMariahV and @DannyRube hanging from his arm. When Miesha arrived, the fans clamored for photos with her and we just all had a bunch of fun hanging out! Other notables in the house included @bryancaraway @kendaperez mike goldberg, @markdellagrotte @michaeljohnson and more! Thank you to @WhiteyUFC for setting up the fun! Check out the pics here: or go to and click on the appropriate album! #mieshatate #bryancaraway #saddleup #ufc #ufconfox #mma #mixedmartialarts #orlando #florida #wwe #jackswagger #tracylee #kendaperez #mikegoldberg #markdellagrotte

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@TravisBrowneMMA Hits Hard And Other…

@TravisBrowneMMA Hits Hard And Other Stories From Fight Week! These photos are from Thursday in Orlando at the fight hotel. We got in early and had a chance to have breakfast with Travis Browne, John Fosco and Mike Valle. Shot around during the day and got some work done before meeting up with Team Travis again to train. As you can see from the main photo, he hits hard enough to send a ripple into Mike's face! After they were done training, it was time for us to meet up with American Top Team (Who has FIVE guys on the card again like UFC 171) to shoot them training. They had so many guys rolling on the mat before even any of their fighters on the card showed up; you can see from the pics was Ricardo Liborio, Hector Lombard, Parrumpinha, and more! Then Jorge Masvidal, Yoel Romero, Robbie Lawler and a couple of the other guys got some time on the pads.. Check out all the familiar faces from ATT in the pics! Go to to see all the photos or and click on the appropriate album! #americantopteam #travisbrowne #fabriciowerdum #brownevswerdum #orlando #amwaycenter #hyattregency #fight #fighter #fighting #florida #heayweight #contender #titleshot #knockout #KO #tracyleephotography #photovixens #combatlifestyle @combatlifestyle

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Craziest Wedding Vows Ever??

Craziest Wedding Vows Ever?? These have got to be the Craziest Wedding Vows Ever?? I’m such a comic book and super hero fan- I would love to have this go down at my wedding (were I ever to get married ...

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