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Surfing Saint Pardron’s Tidal Wave

. . . . Surfing Saint Pardron’s Tidal Wave So friggin’ cool! I wanna know how this got organized… “Hey, you wanna go surf Saint Pardron tidal bore today? Yeah, it’s like a once in a life time experience. Let’s ...

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Star Wars Pancakes!

. . . . Oh hell yeah! Star wars pancakes??? [KGVID width=”640″ height=”360″][/KGVID]

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You Can’t Play Games in the Octagon!

You Can’t Play Games in the Octagon Freefights4You brings us this funny video depicting Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman with a cameo by Joe Rogan. He states over and over.. “You Can’t Play Games in the Octagon!” Anderson is clearly ...

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George St Pierre takes a day off!

George St Pierre takes a day off I love this video Tommy Toehold did of GSP.. Definitely worth a check out with appearances by Matt Hughes, Anderson Silva, and Nick Diaz.. Make sure you go subscribe to him on youtube ...

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Craziest Wedding Vows Ever??

Craziest Wedding Vows Ever?? These have got to be the Craziest Wedding Vows Ever?? I’m such a comic book and super hero fan- I would love to have this go down at my wedding (were I ever to get married ...

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Another Celebrity Knockoff w/ Miley Cyrus

This time Youtube Celeb Steve Kardynal posted this video earlier today and it’s already over 1.5 million views!! As he performs on the right, the left side are the people’s reactions to his skit.. It’s disturbing and fascinating, all at ...

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