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Yesterday I had a chance…

Yesterday I had a chance to play around with a camera (@phasoneww ) worth more than my life! It was suggested by a friend to take selfies and this is what I came up with! I shot this using a ring flash (ab800) with me standing and jumping in the shade (it was hot yesterday in that costume!); I wanted to try and have even lighting in our faces in the pics as well as no squinting. My bboy friend, @freaksinatra manned the camera for me. The file size out of the camera was about 85mb. I had to edit some hair out of my face (among other things) and used multiple layers on this image. The full file size after editing was 2.4gb. I started in lightroom, moved to photoshop, used the Topaz adjust filter, then moved back to lightroom for some finishing touches (highlight, shadow - which could have been done in PS but I'm quite addicted to lightroom now! ). I think one of the biggest things I have an issue with is deciding which direction to go with the editing because there's so many options! #tracyleephoto #workflow #phaseone #mediumformat #photovixens

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Time to make this one…

Time to make this one pack a sixer! With all my travel it's been really hard to get gym motivated for the last year . I threw out my back in early July because I have back issues and NEED to strengthen my core but haven't been working on it. If it wasn't for being on the paleo diet (I'm not 100% faithful but I stuck to it mostly) I would have gained a bunch like I have in the past. Diet has made it so I have less distance back to my fitness goals. In the past If I had gone a year without barely working out, I would be bordering on a plus size instead of where I am today (I think a size 7). Sure I cheat on my diet, mango sticky rice is my favorite dessert but I stay away from packaged foods as much as possible, deep fried foods , bread and more. If you keep hearing the words GMO and genetically modified been thrown around, do your research! There's a reason why you keep hearing about it! Good luck to all of you who are ontheir own weight loss or body sculpting missions. All it takes is hard work and dedication, no matter which route you take to get there!

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