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George St Pierre takes a day off!

George St Pierre takes a day off I love this video Tommy Toehold did of GSP.. Definitely worth a check out with appearances by Matt Hughes, Anderson Silva, and Nick Diaz.. Make sure you go subscribe to him on youtube ...

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Have you voted for your…

Have you voted for your favorite MMA Fighter's costume? You can vote up to once an hour and we will continue to add costumes all the way through the end of the week! Or go to and click on the photo contest!

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Cain Velasquez finds his Mini…

Cain Velasquez finds his Mini Me after UFC 166 at his afterparty in Houston! We started out by heading to @dc_mma 's party over at the Roosevelt Lounge. Tons of the people from @Paradigmtc were there celebrating with KJ Noons and waiting for DC to show up. We didn’t wait because clubs close at 2am, and made our way over to The Mark where @officialCainVelasquez was having his party. After a bit of deliberation with the door guy, he said, “Follow Me” and took us through a back door entrance that led to an “alice in wonderland” type door which dropped us right onto Cain’s VIP table where we finished off the night with Cain, his friends, and the crew from Affliction Clothing. There must have been a Halloween party that night as a good number of people were dressed up; especially a guy with a “Brown Pride” tattoo mirroring Cain’s own. Only thing is, I don’t think the tattoo was a costume- it looked like a brand new, real tattoo! You judge for yourself? Check out all the photos from the evening: Or go to and click on the afterparty article!

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Some behind the scenes shots…

Some behind the scenes shots with Daniel Cormier @dc_mma @cf_athleticusa last night spending time with his team and his family before UFC 166. Check out these exclusive pics!! or go to and click on the DC article! #combatlifestyle #ufc #mma #mixedmartialarts #ufc166 #danielcormier #cfathletic

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Tuesday in NYC

I had some time to myself on Tuesday so I went to check out 5 pointz, a 200,000sq ft warehouse that is a graffiti mecca of the world. I had been told about it by some friends and figured it ...

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