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Isn't this site enough about me? You still need to know more than you already do??

Thank you to @slikusa for…

Thank you to @slikusa for making our trip to Canada complete!!! Check out this box opening with @missjessbess with some new gear for the @bhphoto sponsored trip organized by @rachel_jones_ross! We’ll be putting these to good use this week!! Thanks for the cameo, Maddie Sparkles!! Minnie mouse voices because of helium air content around vegas... or because I sped up the video to 1.1x to fit in under a minute 😂😂#girlsweekout

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When most people think of…

When most people think of Vegas, they think casinos, parties, neon and nightlife... when I think of Vegas, this is what I think of.. does anyone live anywhere with a night and day difference like this?? —- 📸 @missjessbess Compression gear @virusintl And my new Astro sweatshirt as a gift from a special someone..

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Super excited to be headed…

Super excited to be headed up to the Canadian Rockies again for the 2nd time in a couple months... thank you to @rachel_jones_ross for putting it together and @bhphoto for sponsoring it! Also thank you to @slikusa & @tenbabags for sending out gear for the trip! Keep an eye on our stories @missjessbess @dreamingandwandering @rachel_jones_ross @kelly_mena @charlottelittlewolf @themandagies for this all female photography event! —- This was taken on the shores of Lake Louise. For anyone who’s been there, you know there’s a crazy amount of people around; I had really wanted to go to Morraine Lake but the road was closed for the season... I handheld shot this low to the ground because I love the snow on the rocks at the side of the lake... —- I don’t recall my settings but I will try to update them when I get to my computer! @tokinausa @canonusa 6dmk1 Processed in LR

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Thank you to @TenbaBags for…

Thank you to @TenbaBags for sending out this gear for me, @missjessbess @rachel_jones_ross & @dreamingandwandering!! —- We leave tomorrow for the @BhPhoto sponsored All-Female photographer influencer event created by @rachel_jones_ross; this gear will be perfect for us this trip and more! Check out the Shootout 32L on Tenba.com and keep an eye on our stories for our awesome adventures this next week!

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#FBF #FlashbackFriday to an amazing…

#FBF #FlashbackFriday to an amazing sunset in Yellowstone with good friends.. —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ When we got out of the car, drops were already starting to fall and crowds were leaving the area due to the storm clouds overhead.. we didn’t get discouraged and headed out on the boardwalk with the hopes of the clouds breaking and then completely clearing up for stars later that night... well i love it when a plan comes together like this; we got sunset and clear skies for stars that night... I know I rarely post photos other than stars, but doesn’t mean I don’t take them... I just have to be super motivated by a shot to edit it, and this is one of those shots... the composition was a lot taller than this so I used content aware scale to make it fit for IG’s resolution... it was a lovely trip to Yellowstone with my dear friends @missjessbess @rachel_jones_ross @smpetersonphotography & @brentdangerrose... —— Handheld because I didn’t want to move my tripod from my night composition to scope out the rest of the area; I didn’t know the sky was going to color up like this and spontaneously shot this... —— ISO 100 F11 1/10 second @tokinausa 16-28 @ 22 @canonusa 6dmk1

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#FBF #FlashbackFriday Missing my eastern…

#FBF #FlashbackFriday Missing my eastern sierras hot springs! I’ll be fixing that problem soon!! - Repost @narcissisticnomad ・・・ Another from my hot springs tour a week and a half ago! @xo_anhie and I made it to about 6 or more hot springs in 2 days of exploring near mammoth because our previous plans got shut down.. love this particular spring and I keep coming back!! —- I’m now on a 2 week tour for #TheGreatMilkyWayChase and can’t wait for the adventures about to ensue!! For more info check my post on @tracyleephotos! —- . . . . . #herwanderfullife #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #outdoorwomen #wildernessbabes #wildernessculture #narcissisticnomad #andshesdopetoo #adventuregirls #theoutbound #outdoorsupply #backcountrycom #mountaingirls #radgirlscollective #adventureismydrug #adventureofalifetime #adventurecollective #adventureawaits #optoutside #livealifeworthliving #weliveweexplore #getoutside #alpinebabes #likeamountaingirl #campingofficial #traveling_the_blue_planet

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#TBT #ThrowbackThursday need to wake…

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday need to wake up here again soon! —- Repost @narcissisticnomad ・・・ This was an amazing place to wake up last week! Can’t wait to edit my images from the night... what are some of your favorite places that you’ve woken up at?? —— . . . . . #herwanderfullife #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #outdoorwomen #wildernessbabes #wildernessculture #narcissisticnomad #andshesdopetoo #adventuregirls #theoutbound #outdoorsupply #backcountrycom #mountaingirls #radgirlscollective #adventureismydrug #adventureofalifetime #adventurecollective #adventureawaits #optoutside #seetheworld #livealifeworthliving #weliveweexplore #getoutside #alpinebabes #likeamountaingirl #campingofficial #sheisnotlost

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#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a hot…

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a hot summer day discovering new things.. click the product tags to see what equipment I use! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I have so many photos still left from #TheGreatMilkyWayChase but i'm too excited about this one... @MissJessBess, @Megavai and I have been adventuring and exploring in the off days that the moon was full.. Well that meant spending a lot of time in random areas with HOT temps... Yesterday Jess and I started exploring at 6am and found this wonderful arch that we named Meatball Arch; Not sure if you can see why... --- It was over 109+ by the time we got to the car at 10am with 6 miles under our belts... We then napped and fed ourselves midday while we waited for the sun to go down before returning to shoot this in the 45 minutes of MW we had last night. It was absolutely perfect; weather was amazing and conversation non-stop.. I have decided that Jess is my adventure spirit animal and I look forward to many more scouting and photo missions with her! --- We lit this with 1 lumecube.com (use code TRACYLEE10 for 10% off & free US Shipping), one inside the arch and the rest was just ambient light before dark. This is 10 images stacked, focused on the foreground, blended with 20 images stacked for the sky. --- Foreground- 10 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 800 F6.3 30 seconds - Sky 20 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 13 seconds - processed in LR & PS --- @TokinaUSA 11-20mm @ 16mm @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6DMK1

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