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Today 3 years ago.. time…

Photo Caption: Today 3 years ago.. time to go back!!

Repost: I’ve been wanting to come here a long time; it’s taken a while but I’ve finally made it.. Being able to be here in warm enough weather for a tank top, yet still able to see snow capped mountains was a treat. The petroglyphs are a piece of amazing art and history! @tommymacfoto and I climbed back up here again late last night to shoot the Milky Way as well…

These petroglyphs are tucked away in the eastern sierras and a bit difficult for your average hiker to get to… they seem very pristine and are unmolested by vandals as of yet, thankfully. I will not share the location of these beautiful works of art; please don’t ask! I often do hours upon hours of research to find locations- it’s part of the fun and I feel makes you respect them more. Happy Hunting!

As of late I’m severely disappointed in the destruction of valuable destinations in this world. These places are way bigger than you, me, or any of us and if not destructed by careless people, will be around long after we are gone. A good case and point is the Sailing Stones of Racetrack Playa. According to my friend @the_gingers_adventures who was out there last week, they walked the entire playa and saw a single stone in its correct place. A few minutes later, some tourists picked the final one up and removed it with the intention of keeping it. His fast thinking and driving had the rangers there to ticket and reprimand the vandals..

Thank you @tommymacofficial for the photo and for joining the adventure..

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Today 3 years ago.. time…

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