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I’m spending the day over…

Photo Caption: I’m spending the day over @valkyriecombat today.. if you need help figuring out your self protection (guns and masks), please feel free to come in and see me… I pass no judgement, and you can ask me anything; there are no stupid questions!

Today is the 1st day that masks are mandatory, I’ve been wearing them pretty religiously for months now.. yesterday is the first time I wore it all day from 10-7pm I think… it really wasn’t bad at all and I feel like I’m strengthening up my lungs.. if you need masks, check out @masksandheroes..

My gear:
Battle belt: @gcodeholsters
Space Force Tank top: @rangerup
Necklace: @joewalldesign
VGK Mask: @masksandheroes
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I’m spending the day over…

Photo taken at: Valkyrie Combat

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