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Thank you Dr @kyleButh of…

Photo Caption: Thank you Dr @kyleButh of @elevatesph for taking time this afternoon to see me! My back had been hurting a ton from over 2 months and hundreds of masks sewn while bent over my machine.. I somehow popped a rib out a week and a half ago and I just couldn’t get it back in like I usually do… so I headed over to Elevate SPH (which is RIGHT near my house btw)! JI was only supposed to have a 30 minute visit but Dr Buth took extra time in explaining exercises and options to keep me out of pain after he adjusted me head to toe! Please go check him out if you have any issues!

I got gifted a visit through a chain of people because of my mask donations through @masksandheroes, starting with @takeadiepbreath from Desert Springs who had been introduced by @foodiefitmealprep who in turn referred me!! thank you to everyone who responsible for me feeling so much better today!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

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Thank you Dr <a href=@kyleButh of…" />

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