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So thrilled to have been…

Photo Caption: So thrilled to have been able to run drills with my badass friend, @topguntori at @pfc_training the other night.. it’s super sick to see her run combative training and I was thrilled to do these drills with her and @bjbaldwin.. I started this drill with my conceal carry holster untucked from my shirt (which you can’t tell which is why I mention it) in the car, while Tori started it fully concealed.

For safety, we were only allowed to shoot center paper target and steel on our side of the car, utilizing the pillars of the car itself as cover between each of our two “assailants”. She was laying down fire while I moved to the back of the car and then I started covering her while she moved. Our reloads happened at different times, and I thought it was pretty awesome that we both stopped shooting at the same time even though neither of us were empty. I feel like we seemed really in sync on this drill. –
Thanks to @pfc_training @bjbaldwin and @topguntori for the exciting drills and I can’t wait to do some more training today!

Hoodie: @rangerup
Belt: @nexbeltgunbelts
Firearm: @glockinc 19
Holster: @tier1concealed (thank you BJ for letting me try it out!)

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So thrilled to have been…

Photo taken at: Las Vegas Nevada

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