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Can someone explain to me…

Photo Caption: Can someone explain to me why EMS was called to the scene? What about this particular call needed EMS BEFORE he was killed? –
Im wondering SOP on a detained man who at the time, was fully alive and functioning. Why did the officer hold him down so long? Did he know he was going to kill George and needed EMS to scoop him off the street? Their response time was pretty quick and they checked his pulse and didn’t bother to attempt reviving him? If there was a pulse, wouldn’t you have checked to see if he was breathing? So that makes me assume there was no pulse and he was dead at the scene.

I wanna hear that call- police requesting EMS.. And what happened prior to this? I’ve only seen a partial video; I haven’t seen a full video showing the struggle that caused him to be on the ground in the first place. This is SO bad! SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Every police officer out there should be extremely upset at the actions of these officers.. They have put every officer on the streets in harms way at this point… not all cops are bad, just like people, there are few bad seeds out there that ruin it for everyone..

I know everyone is upset, and rightfully so, but looting and breaking windows of your cities local businesses doesn’t solve the problem, and only destroys lives more… please don’t take advantage of a horrible tragedy for personal gain..

My condolences to George Floyd’s family and friends.. Such a devastating thing to have happened and my heart goes out to you..

Can someone explain to me…

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