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Welcome to the new world……

Photo Caption: Welcome to the new world… what are you doing to help out in YOUR community?

Again, want to say truly thank you to everyone for your support… from donations, to food and supplies, to fabric, you’re all angels and you know who you are!!!

Most of the masks we are making are going out to the hospitals and there’s only so many we can make per day so we’re trying to get them to the front lines first of all… We’ve (@vegasgungirl @gustavo11lopez and I) delivered to Sunrise Pediatric NICU, UMC Trauma, Centennial Hills ICU, and more! More still to come at other hospitals around town; if you’re looking to help, google facemask patterns and then get involved in YOUR community..

I’m not keeping up with my messages very well; I’m so sorry to all. I’m actually quite horrible at it but would you believe 24 hrs isn’t enough in a day?! Anyone that says they’re bored right now needs to reevaluate what they’re doing with their time! Read a book, learn something new, get a workout in, and so much more; I challenge you to come out of this a better person!! See you on the other side!!


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Welcome to the new world……

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