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We were busy last night!!!…

Photo Caption: We were busy last night!!! Cranked out about 40 of these and then took them to Sunrise Hospital NICU today. For those asking, not ready to sell these yet because the hospital demand is so high and we want to get our health care workers covered! Soon, very soon! 70 more @vegasgungirl @gustavo11lopez and I need to sew by tomorrow for Centennial Hill’s ICU..

I’ve been ordering fabric online like crazy; unfortunately, @joann_stores has completely dropped the ball and cancelled all but one of the fabrics I ordered. Yep their website shows they have things in stock. They advertise they’re helping out with the mask situation but I’ve not seen any of it.. it’s put such a bad taste in my mouth with shopping with them. And @hobbylobby ? It’s been 9 days since I put in my order, and they have yet to even start the shipping process.. at least all the Etsy and EBay fabric stores are on point!

My sewing circle includes @vegasgungirl, Combate America Bantamweight champ, @gustavo11lopez, and UFC fighter @emwhitmire115… how are you keeping busy??

? @gustavo11lopez


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We were busy last night!!!…

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