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Do you try to find…

Photo Caption: Do you try to find new comps or always the tried and true?

I’m always in search of new comps and this trip to the ‘Hills was the perfect opportunity to look for ones off the beaten path.. I took off to on an adventure of epic proportions and shot all kinds of fun stuff over 4-5 days.. it was an exhausting trip but I really think I got some cool stuff! #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
We were exploring areas of Alabama Hills we had never shot in before and we went in different directions… most arches in the area face east to west but this was North to South so it was perfect for this comp.. I came back here at 3am and I lit the entire foreground with a Lume Cube Panel from the right with a warm setting at about 30% bounced off the neighboring rocks. Then I put a warm diffused @LumeCube (use code TRACYLEE for 10% off and free shipping) at 2% inside the arch which was not a hard climb at all but a little bit of effort to get to… we were a bit of a distance back from the arch too so I shot a focus stack/stacked image (25 sky, 20 foreground) at 35mm on the @TokinaUSA 24-70mm. The clouds were out and caused some serious bloating of the Stars!!
This was the 1st comp of the night and we did about 4-5 more after lol…
Sky – 25 stacked
ISO 10000
8 seconds

Foreground- 20 stacked
ISO 3200
30 seconds
Processed in LR & PS
@tokinausa 24-70 @ 35mm
@slikusa 734-CF
@canonusa 5DMK4

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Do you try to find…

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