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What’s your favorite place in…

Photo Caption: What’s your favorite place in spite of it being crowded with Tourists?? (Of course, I’m a tourist myself, let’s not forget that!)

I have to admit that Diamond Beach was one of my favorite spots on the entire trip… I had to walk quite a ways down the beach to get away from the crowds but it was worth it!! I rushed to drive here to make sunset because it looked like the skies were clearing up after a few days of insane clouds and snow.. I am so thankful in all of my instinctive decisions for the week because they put me in the right places at the right times…

If you wanna see my adventures, head to @tracyleephotos and check out the story highlights there!

Bag: @tenbabags
Tripod: @slikusa
Pants: @virusintl
Hoodie: @rangerup

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What’s your favorite place in…

Photo taken at: Diamond Beach, Iceland

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