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What is your multi-gun set…

Photo Caption: What is your multi-gun set up? My last day at @TacticalDisneyland saw me in the shoot house in the morning with @di3gun and @josh_froelich.. 1st we ran through a few times clearing the entire house, and then we ran through as if we were competing. I’ve never done a multi-gun stage before so it was a ton of fun to get one in on @jake.latola.3g’s GMR-15 by @jprifles and my @glockinc 19! Thank you again @josh_froelich and @di3gun for working with me. Thank you to Philip of @w.o.f.t for having me out!

Earpro: @grizzlyears
Eyepro: @gargoyleseyewear

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What is your multi-gun set…

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