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Please share or tag a…

Photo Caption: Please share or tag a new gun owner!! In all this madness and craziness tons of brand new gun owners have joined our ranks, and we need to make sure they are safe and prepared and their understand their weapon and the rules of firearm safety. So please screen shot this, post it, send it to the new firearms owners you know, and stress for them to get to know their firearm and dry fire safely before they load it and utilize it for personal protection…

Advise them to google the following:
Firearm Safety Video
Firearm Dry Fire Video
Firearm Loading Video
Firearm Malfunctions Video

It’s our responsibility as their friends and 2A community to help educate them and save some unfortunate accidents from potentially happening…

On the positive side of this, many people who wouldn’t have bought guns, are buying them now and now understand the need for them and the 2A rights that they have..

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Please share or tag a…

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