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Hahaha!! Remember that time I…

Photo Caption: Hahaha!! Remember that time I wore a mask on the plane to try to not get more sick or get people sick?? I find this so funny now looking back on this photo last year.. I didn’t get more sick, I’m wondering if I kept others from getting sick? All the reports I’m reading are no, these masks don’t actually help… —
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday

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Who’s worn one of these before? Do you think they really work??

Here’s my trying to keep from getting more sick on my flight to Charlotte today. The last couple weeks has been on and off with my colds and immune system so I’m willing to try anything to stay well and not get anyone else sick either!! At least it’s BLUE! And at least I managed to finish my open water cert thanks to @adventurescubadiveintl!!

Hair: @laceelooksee
Eyelashes: @beautybycourtneyking
Aesthetics: @michellenorvellaesthetics
Eyebrows: @truebeautypmu

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Hahaha!! Remember that time I…

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