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Does this lineup look familiar,…

Photo Caption: Does this lineup look familiar, or are you more of a loner?
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

A year ago, give or take a day or two, I met some of the friends who shaped the last year of my life… this was at the Milky Way Chasers meet up at Trona Pinnacles and this photo was from that night!
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So 2 weekends ago when we did the impromptu @MilkyWayChasers meet up at Trona Pinnacles, I said that I wasn’t going to shoot any photos other than the group photo so I could hang out and wander around through all the people shooting… Well as I was wandering to get my group shot com set up, I spotted all these photographers on the ridge shooting and I couldn’t help but stop to shoot them!!! This is 15 images stacked in SLS for NR… They didn’t stay still for 15 frames obviously and I lucked on with a couple frames them being lit by a passing car so I healed them out of the stacked image, and blended in the one frame of them lit up!

ISO 6400
15 seconds
15 frames stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR & PS
Tokina USA 16-28 @ 18mm
Slik USA 634-CF
Canon 6dmk1

Does this lineup look familiar,…

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