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Do you ever wonder what…

Photo Caption: Do you ever wonder what your old photos would look like with your newer editing abilities.. i do all the time and wonder if I should re-edit… I love this photo and perhaps some day I will.. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

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I can easily be convinced of spontaneous detours and side trips and this was one of them on my way back to Vegas from San Diego a few weeks ago.. I had hosted the Milky Way Chasers Meet Up in Malibu, headed to San Diego for a night to shoot, then towards the Eastern Sierras.. I was in contact with @StevenJMagner & @inspired_shot throughout the drive and as I got closer to Bishop, it became apparent that the Napa Wildfires were smoking out the entire area.. I didn’t want the trip to go to waste so I quickly suggested the Ancient Bristlecone Forest as an alternative plan..

While I wanted for Steven and Tony to catch up to me on the road, I decided to take a dip in the Keough Hot Springs (the free ones) for a few minutes and then met the guys at Copper Top BBQ in Big Pine..

I didn’t think i was going to have warm enough clothes for up at 11k ft elevation, but I had brought tons of layers so I layered up. We explored the area until dark, and I napped in the car as they shot sunset (there were no clouds in the sky so I couldn’t be bothered lol). We stayed warm in the car until middle of Blue hour and then hiked up the hill to the most famous of the Bristlecone trees in the area.

We set up our comps and then took turns lighting the tree how we wanted to using different lighting. I used a single (Use code TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) from the left side bounced off another tree next to us.

13 images stacked in SLS for NR
ISO 6400
15 seconds
Processed in LR & PS
@TokinaUSA 11-20mm @ 16mm
@SlikUSA 634-CF
@Canon 6dmk1

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Do you ever wonder what…

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