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Who’s heard of the 2A…

Photo Caption: Who’s heard of the 2A Grannies? Who hates RED FLAG LAWS?

Well if you haven’t, and you’re concerned about Red Flag Laws and confiscation in Nevada, you need to.. These two kept AB291 from going into effect January 1 here in Nevada but the fight is FAR from over!!

They run @nevadans_can (brand new Instagram, please go follow!!) which is a Non-Profit Grassroots Citizens Action Network. Their goals are to defend and protect the United States Constitution, the Nevada State Constitution, and traditional American values by promoting grassroots activism in the legislative process.

We need to stand up now, and help fight before we’re in the exact same situation that Virginia is and so many other states too..

We’re going to be throwing another charity event @ValkyrieCombat to raise money for this cause. I’ll have more details coming soon.. we’re looking for raffle donations and other businesses to get involved, even other gun stores!!

please go give them a follow and support!! Even if you don’t live in NEVADA- you can still follow and help spread the word!!

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Who’s heard of the 2A…

Photo taken at: Valkyrie Combat

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