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Who’s heard of @tacticaldisneyland @w.o.f.t?…

Photo Caption: Who’s heard of @tacticaldisneyland @w.o.f.t? What have you heard about it?

I’ve been out here for the past 3 days getting in all different types of courses and training; both on range and scenario based force on force and deescalation training..

This was from day 1 on the pistol range but I have so many other videos and photos to share.. I am excited to have run my new @gcodeholsters training set up!

Thank you so much to Philip of @w.o.f.t and all of the amazing trainers for having me out for this incredible journey!

Jersey: @w.o.f.t @tacticaldisneyland
Belt: @gcodeholsters
Eyepro: @heatwavevisual

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Who’s heard of <a href=@tacticaldisneyland @w.o.f.t?…" />

Photo taken at: Groveland, Florida

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