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Who has made a journey…

Photo Caption: Who has made a journey for a photo, only to be disappointed by weather? Where to? #FBF #FlashbackFriday

I will start off by saying, this image is completely a COMPOSITE. For those of you who know me, you know that’s not my normal MO. but after making the journey to this place, to get overwhelmed by rain & gale force winds, I decided for this situation I would do a composite of exactly where the MilkyWay would have risen that night. This was my 5th time coming here, perhaps my last..

I took off to Bull frog marina on Monday around 9pm. We didn’t go to sleep till 730 at the Defiance House Lodge. We woke at 9 to meet up with @jacobthefu & @estherjulee to head out on our journey for the next few days.. thank you @nationsvacation!

The hike was a lot sketchier than expected but we arrived around 4pm, just in time to see a rainbow stretch itself across the canyon. it was a battle over set up camp or take photos &photos of course won. We shot sunset, then set up camp, then started shouting blue hour..

I only got a few blue hour shots in before the skies opened &it started pouring. I was in a VERY dangerous spot on the slick rock &I also had another camera out in another location. I climbed back up, collected my things &retreated off to the tent that thankfully Jess carried in as we were contemplating leaving it. From 9-4am, the winds howled &shook the tent. I woke up every 30 minutes starting at midnight to see if the wind stopped or the skies were clear. The core was rising behind a thick collection of dark clouds w/ tiny breaks in it &wind was going nuts. by 3 am I gave up &went to sleep until just before blue hour sunrise where we woke up to get more shots

Took two more nights for clear skies where I shot this from factory butte.

Sky-25 shots
ISO 12800
10 sec

ISO 100

@tokinausa opera 16-28 @ 18
@slikusa 734-CF
@canonusa 5DMK4
Processed in LR&PS

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Who has made a journey…

Photo taken at: Lake Powell – Antelope

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