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Where would you start with…

Photo Caption: Where would you start with all of these full autos???

What an amazing day yesterday on the range with @machinegunamerica! @vegasgungirl and I landed, @alexishermosa picked us up, and we headed to Volusia County to hang out with @mcdojolife @photogenic_firearms, MGA, @solinvictusarms, & @unitedtacticalfederation!! Hope you don’t get tired of all this fun content! Thank you @solinvictusarms for bringing out your brand new #TAC9 for us to shoot!

If you wanna go shoot these guns @machinegunamerica, tell them TRACYGUNS sent you and they’ll hook you up with a 15% discount!

#tracylee Tracy lee #realtracylee #machinegunamerica #solinvictusarms #unitedtacticalfederation #m240bravo #m240b #rpd #tac9 #barret50cal

Where would you start with…

Photo taken at: Machine Gun America

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