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What do you use for…

Photo Caption: What do you use for a range bag?? What features do you look for?

I’ve been running this @saviorequipment SEMA bag for months now and the compartment that you would load the 3 pistol cases into I actually use to hold boxes of ammo. Because that area is a defined hard area, sliding a box of ammo in there at comps has made life super easy… I’m out here at @progunvegas shooting the @tv_uspsa match this am, and if you can’t tell, it’s friggin cold!!

@rangerup hoodie keeping me warm
Eyepro: @gargoyleseyewear
Earpro: @grizzlyears
Hat: @thirdpinthreads
? @marco_cabahug

Ps: 1 patch left! Then I’m out till next round!

#saviorequipment #semabag #tracylee #tropanguspsa #tvuspsa #uspsa #shootingcompetition #shootingcomp #competitionshooting #thirdpinthreads #bluehairdontcare #gargoyleseyewear #rangerup

What do you use for…

Photo taken at: Pro Gun Vegas

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