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Who’s losing weight as a…

Photo Caption: Who’s losing weight as a resolution?? I’ve already started one of my New Years resolutions and that was to get my weight down on the #30DayWahoosChallenge I created for myself. I’m down to 166lbs now which is 13lbs from where I started about 14 days ago.. not too shabby, right??

I’m eating a protein bowl at @Wahoos.LV with spicy chicken and shrimp every day (that I can- traveling has messed this up!). I am addicted to their tortilla soup (minus tortilla strips) and eat a cup or bowl along with it… I’m intermittent fasting and only eating from 12pm-8pm every day… my other meal is sensible, and then I’m addicted to low cal kettle corn as a snack (green box @orvillepopcorn kettle corn!) I’m not on a “low carb diet” but I’m definitely trying to keep it pretty low for the most part…

I’ve also been hiking or being active and just got back from 2 days scuba diving; not actually working out. my endurance is shitty at best but it is what it is and I am trying to work on it.. taking off to go snowboarding tomorrow so I might not be back at wahoos again for a couple of days… ugh, I love it so much!! 😍😍😍

Who’s gonna join me on this adventure?

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Who’s losing weight as a…

Photo taken at: Wahoo’s Fish Taco LV

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