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Which AK is your style;…

Photo Caption: Which AK is your style; mine, @_angel_of_verdun, or @rachellabella107??? Mine and Rachel’s are both 5.56 and Ashley’s is 7.62… all 3 are…

Today at 6 pm, me, Rachel, and Ashley will be on @gunsguitarsandfreedom podcast… please come and join us along with the hosts @fullerak and @thebrokenasianguns and ask us anything in the chat!!!

Thank you @mk3firearms for all the work on my arsenal!!

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GGF Podcast #5, Sunday, December 22nd at 6:00 PM PST
Gun Bunnies and Legit female shooters. This topic has been controversial in our American gun culture. In this week’s podcast we talk with three legit women shooters who take classes, practice as hard as their male counterparts, shoot competitions and participate in the American gun culture in a full on manner.
Tracy Lee, Ashley McGuire and Rachel Powell are all well known in the AK culture and have worked hard to gain the respect they deserve. Tune in with Tu Fu and me to hear what these ladies have to say as we try to define and to sort out this issue.

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Which AK is your style;…

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