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What is your breaking point??…

Photo Caption: What is your breaking point?? Is it the cold, where your fingers don’t want to respond, you’re breathing on them to get them moving and shivering to try and stay warm? Or is it the heat, where the sweat drips down your brow, into your eyes and stings with it’s saltiness and mixes with your tears, and the air is so thick you just want to lie down and take a nap?

For me, I’ll assume it’s the cold, but I have yet to push myself to my breaking point, and I’ll have you know that my instructors and I have tried. Not bragging and saying it’s not possible, just saying that I can keep up with everyone in every class that I have taken so far and have yet to find the one that I sit down and walk away from. I still have no idea of what I am truly capable of yet..and that excites me.. this particular class was 2 days in 108 degree weather. Would I do it again? Abso-fucking-lutely!!

#FBF #FlashbackFriday

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Running drills on the range yesterday with Dmitry of @centertofficial looking over my shoulder. I can see my errors already in this photo and I’m hope today I have made corrections on this.. its a hot one folks!!! Thank you @sabrewerks13 & @rifledynamics for the class!

Ammo: @bear_ammo
Rifle: from @kalashnikovsociety
Gloves: @industrioushandwear
Mags: circle10
Ears: @akt1sport
Belt: @nexbeltgunbelts

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Training with Dmitry Yermak of @centertofficial , Thanks to Fred and Kelly at @sabrewerks13 for putting together Dima’s training Tour! More pics and videos to come!
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#rifledynamics #akm #kalashnikov #kalashlife #kalash

What is your breaking point??…

Photo taken at: Pro Gun Vegas

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