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Share a memory of a…

Photo Caption: Share a memory of a location you shot where you had the entire place to yourself? I want to get back here and do this again! #fbf #flashbackfriday
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So the other night we took off to the Grand Canyon in search of this viewpoint we had been obsessed w/ for some time. I didn’t know what it was called, so I pored over maps until I figured it out; we took off to pick up permits from the Navajo Office in Cameron, Az..

We walked into the offices at 3:45 pm, but I guess we were wrong and it was actually 4:45; the Navajo nation is on Mtn time. The gentleman opened the door for us and when we asked for a permit, he issued it as well as gave us a map with very difficult directions on how to access the edge of the canyon. we didn’t know that other than us, the canyon had been closed to visitors since May… (we found this out after the fact and even called the office to verify..)

We very happily took off to our destination and although made many stops along the way for photos, arrived to the edge of the canyon in plenty of time before the sun went down; we couldn’t see it because of storms but it hadn’t set yet.

We backed the vehicle up to the center edge of the canyon where we could sit in the back of the vehicle & still adjust our cameras.. we could see clouds rolling in but we’re hoping they would clear by the time the milkyway rose.. I let a timelapse run while I waited for the next few hours and we fell asleep in the back. About 330 am, I checked my shots for a slight glimpse of the MW… I got nothing good, but as blue hour arrived, so did clear skies! I had this very short opp to shoot the Milky Way perfectly aligned almost west at the center of the canyon as the light was starting to brighten the sky. I LOVE how prominent Mars is on this image because of the clouds! Lower pano I shot at am Blue Hour.

I shot a 2 frame horizontal orientation vertical pano with 20 stacked images in each.

SKY: 20 images stacked
ISO 10000
10 seconds

Foreground: 20 images stacked
ISO 100
1/13 second

@tokinausa 11-20 2.8 @ 16mm
@slikusa 634-CF
@canonusa 6DMK1

#milkyway #milkywaychasers #grandcanyon #arizona #arizonaphotographer

Share a memory of a…

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