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Merry Christmas, please help if…

Photo Caption: Merry Christmas, please help if you’re able to- go to the link on @joe_welderup’s profile! I donated $50, I Challenge you to beat it and then post and tag 3 friends to challenge them!! @marcella1.618 @michael_sodini @stilettosandshotguns

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HELP!! I hope everyone out there is having a amazing #christmas and in that spirit I ask you all to take 5 minutes and go to the link in my bio and read this. This is the daughter of a friend I consider a brother @joe_welderup Anyone that knows him knows his family’s story. His youngest son Preston battled with #cancer and kicked its ass. Now a VERY short time later they found out that his daughter now has a very rare form of brain cancer and is going through treatment for it. These #kids are tougher than anyone of us but can use our #help. All the funds go directly to her and her needs. @joe_welderup was one of the first people I met in #vegas and has always been so supportive to me and helping us find our spot in a new city and is responsible for most of our badass pics we take over at @welderupvegas As #father I couldn’t even imagine the feelings they’re having but with our help and how our 2A community #support s each other lets do it again for one of our own!! This kid is a badass so let’s give her the support and every chance at beat this thing and #winning this #fight !! Please repost as much as you can guys and thank you so much! #weldersunite4emilee #gofundme #stjude #childeren #childrenshospital #dog

Merry Christmas, please help if…

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