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I need to go back…

Photo Caption: I need to go back here soon!! This was shot on a crop sensor! #throwbackthursday #tbt
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Part of my El Paso trip to meet my family I had never met before, also included a couple side adventures. Including this one to White Sands national Monument.

My brother, Rick took me and my niece to shoot photos on the dunes in her sweet 16 dress. We were rushed for time, so we got out there late, and we were battling cloudy skies. The park closes at sunset so to be able to stay after you have to get a back country camp spot and backpack in a mile through the dunes to your camp spot. Thanks to @Jaxsonpohlmanphotography for the info on this one!! Your photos there inspired me for sure on this trip.

I have to admit I’m pretty thrilled about how this photo turned out in spite of all the set backs. In her hand she is holding a lumecube which both lit her and the sands up, as well as gave the entire image a mystical feel.
This is 4 images stacked in starry landscape stacker for noise reduction as well as a single image for my niece in the foreground.
25 seconds
10 seconds (because I didn’t want her holding her arm up forever in the shots)
I used the wifi app on the Lume cube to have the cube go off at 1/4 power for 1/4 of a second.
@tokinausa 11-20
@canonusa 70d
@slikusa 634-cfl
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I need to go back…

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