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I really didn’t shoot much…

Photo Caption: I really didn’t shoot much in the month of June and it wasn’t because of not wanting to, it was more because I was traveling for work and didn’t have much to shoot in regards to astrophotography… The last night I was in the Chicago Area, my girl @biancastribe picked me up and took me up to her farm in Benton Harbor MI…. We got a bit of Milky Way shooting in but the light pollution was pretty bad and kept us from getting anything spectacular… The good thing about star trails is that in spite of light pollution, you still have a chance of getting a pretty good shot..

So I set up my camera, and used the @TetherTools Case Relay external battery so that I could leave it running all night and not worry about it running out of battery. Somewhere around 4 am I decided that morning dew (and ticks and poison ivy btw) was real and I went out and rescued my equipment.. This is the image i got out of it that night. 10 images stacked for noise reduction in Starry Landscape Stacker and lit with a (use this URL and code: TRACYLEE at checkout for FREE US Shipping) and 200 images for the sky… Thank you for bringing me out, Bianca and Tad!

PS I can’t really explain the horse ass hanging on the fence. there were a number of them around the property though lol…
ISO 6400
15 seconds

15 seconds

Processed in LR & PS
@TokinaUSA 11-20 2.8
@SlikUSA 634-cfl
@canonusa 70d

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I really didn’t shoot much…

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