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I took off on a…

Photo Caption: I took off on a 2 day adventure w/ @tommymacfoto to the eastern sierras with the hopes of catching up with @seanparkerphotography who I’ve been internet friends with for a while now; It was so great to finally meet him and truly see his enthusiasm for his work! We met Sean and Ryan for a quick bite before heading in search of these Tufas which we had all seen in photos by @ShainblumPhotography and more recently @cecphotos and @prevailz.. it really took a lot of searching to find the features we had seen but finally found them just after sunset… It was after 8 by this time and Sean and Ryan took off to nap.. tommy and I just napped in the truck and woke up around 10pm..

The moon was pretty close to full and wasn’t setting until 1:30am but we just started shooting anyways.. The photos I shot at 10:30 I might deem unusable but the ones as the moon started getting lower in the sky came out quite nice.. Tommy and I didn’t stay very long because we wanted to get on the road towards home and also had a second location along the way we wanted to shoot…

ISO 2000
13 seconds
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR & PS
@tokinausa 11-20 2.8
@slikusa 634-CFL
@canonusa 70d

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I took off on a…

Photo taken at: Mono Lake, Ca

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