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Everyone who knows me, knows…

Photo Caption: Everyone who knows me, knows I’m always searching for new and interesting locations.. Both to shoot photos of, as well as just to adventure to. The more off the beaten path, the better (although I do like to get my own shot of the popular locations as well)! I put in hours of work, and research trying to find locations, as well as find multiple locations in the same area to make the trip worth our while. The thrill of the chase is a big part of it, and that’s what Milky Way Chasers is really all about.

So, when people ask me for locations that I have researched, I keep them hidden, unless I take them there myself. In turn I ask for them to only share the location by taking a person there vs handing off the coordinates. Mostly for the reason that they will eventually get ruined by all the people visiting them. I am devastated by the Racetrack Playa news Kevin Moto recently shared. So by that note, if you know this location or find this location, please keep it to yourself. It’s not hard to research and find these things, think of it like a secret society and a game. I’m not trying to keep photographers away, I’m trying to keep vandals away who have no respect for the locations that they visit.

This past week I headed out with my friend @TommyMacFoto (THANK YOU TOMMY FOR DRIVING YOUR 4×4!) for a couple days of adventuring.. During the day, we scoped out a number of locations and then at night we journeyed back to said locations to shoot the night sky. This one required 4×4 and some hiking but it was well worth our efforts.. I am absolutely thrilled that there was so much snow still on the surrounding mountains in the background of so many of my images!! I lit this with a single (use TRACYLEE for free US Shipping!) and a new orange lighthouse filter I just got for it.
ISO 6400
15 seconds
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
@TokinaUSA 11-20 2.8
@SlikUSA 634-CFL
@CanonUSA 70d
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Everyone who knows me, knows…

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