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The goal of this weekends…

Photo Caption: The goal of this weekends adventure was to access Reflection Canyon from the water of Lake Powell in spite of the lake being too high for my ideal comp; we just wanted to go on an adventure.. the famed original photo of RC by Michael Melford was accessed by boat & not by hiking in..

I did my research &came across an access point to climb out of the lake.. I grabbed my friend @Shane1000rr & his boat, along w/ photogs, @saolybensonphoto & @nick_wrz, @pennidog & a crew of friends on a mission to explore some canyons of Lake Powell. The day was a bit cold on the lake but in the canyons we explored the weather was perfect. We hit an amazing slot canyon before gassing up at Dangling Rope marina &continuing on to Reflection Canyon. We wanted to check the place we were docking we b4 dark.

We found it easily, but the level of the lake ruined our plans! We could see the beach below the water about 5-7 ft; we couldn’t land now because of it being all rocks. I did a quick search on google maps to hopefully find another option. We headed into Hidden Canyon, one canyon prior to Reflection, landed on a sandy beach & hiked about 1.5 miles looking for any possible way to the top. We had a lot of fun exploring but w/ no success.

We decided to take the boat through RC (which I learned from last summers trip is an amazingly beautiful journey to take) &found a great area to camp in. We set up & as we were doing so I kept hearing splashing noise on the water as if someone were paddling up. Turns out the carp were spawning in the shallow beach areas of the canyon &they made noise & flopped in the shallow water ALL NIGHT LONG. I hiked down the beach a ways to try & find a comp using the interesting trees I had seen coming in.

So while this is not the expected or typical ‘Reflection Canyon’ image, it is a reflection image taken within Reflection Canyon. lit from the side by a single (use TRACYLEE at that link at check out for FREE US Shipping!) on the 3rd power setting manually on the cube itself.
ISO 6400
15 Seconds
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR & PS
@tokinausa 11-20 2.8
@slikusa 634-cfl
@canonusa 60d

The goal of this weekends…

Photo taken at: Reflection Canyon Utah

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