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I was on a mission……

Photo Caption: I was on a mission… (i’m always on a mission).. I want to go places that are a bit more off the beaten path (case and point my trip to Joshua Tree last week) and get less common photo comps… I had seen photos of this place hidden in the San Rafael Swell for quite some time, and it’s been on my list of places to go. I just had no idea how well it would like up with the Milky Way.. And then a couple weeks ago, @blindsight_photography posted a picture from there and I knew it lined up perfect! Thanks to him for the extra motivation to get out that way.. Now, I was headed to Moab to meet up with @the_gingers_adventures on his birthday trip.. We were at a gas station in Green River and someone says, are you Tracy?? Turns out it was @xlj_photography who I have featured a number of times on @MilkyWayChasers… So without further adieu, he joined the chasing party and off we went..

We hiked in from the parking area with our backpacks.. I wanted to find a rock formation that got us to the arch after sunset. I feel bad because the lighting on the canyon was amazing… I wish I hadn’t taken the side detour first!!

That being said, the photos I had seen from this place were amazing, but did not do it justice.. The view into Canyonlands and of the Green River was absolutely ridiculous.. I was thrilled we didn’t back out on coming there because we were afraid the roads might not be passable (HCV needed, no 4×4).

I set up a star trail and lit the arch using multiple (use code TRACYLEE for free shipping), we had dinner, and then we crashed out for a couple hours before the MW made her appearance.. Once she did, the area was big enough that we all had room to shoot and not interrupt each other.. We all got very different comps too! You should have seen my tripod on the wall of the cave to get this wide of an angle!!

Fun trip guys- let’s do it again soon!
ISO 6400
15 seconds
10 images stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR
@tokinausa 11-20 2.8
@slikusa 634-cfl
@canonusa 70d

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I was on a mission……

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