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I took off on a…

Photo Caption: I took off on a random adventure to Joshua Tree to meet up w/ @dreadhead_derek.. It involved a flat tire 30 minutes out and he came and saved me (I had the wrong kind of jack so he went and picked one up at Walmart and brought it to me!).. It wasn’t until the 2nd night that I shot this, fully worried in APRIL if I was going to get skunked by clouds again as I had on day 1; I’ve been skunked or almost skunked more often than it’s been clear thus far this year and it’s been SUPER frustrating!! Anyways, I know that Juniper and Monolith is a very common location but since I was there, I decided to shoot it.. We camped in site 18 right in front of it that night. I can’t actually say we camped because I left at 430 am back to Las Vegas on my spare which I drove much slower than normal. About 30 minutes outside of Vegas the tire started feeling funny so I pulled over immediately. It had blown up like a balloon and in the process of checking it, popped right in my face. Luckily nothing happened! I was stuck on the side of the road dealing with this a few more hours but @jerry2112 came and saved me…

The light pollution in the area is VERY bad and required toning down in this image. I stacked 10 images in Starry Landscape Stacker to reduce noise. I also lit this with a (use TRACYLEE for free shipping at that URL) from the left side bounced off the rocks to the left of me.
ISO 6400
10 seconds
@TokinaUSA 11-20 2.8
@SlikUSA 634-CFL
@CanonUSA 70d
10 images stacked in SL S for NR
Processed in LR
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I took off on a…

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