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I made the trek out…

Photo Caption: I made the trek out again.. I keep saying for my last time, and I keep finding myself in front of those mystical blue waters.. I shot Havasu Falls twice on this trip; the 2nd night I had a group of 7 and we did selfies in front of the falls. The 1st night just @saolybensonphoto and I made it down and a little bit too late tell you the truth.. @mb.stark, @parkcitydesignbuild, and I got our shots before inviting everyone in the group to step in front of the camera. @JessGrambau was the 1st one out and as she lit up the area looking for a rock to stand on, I saw it light up the water as I had wanted to last year, and I made everyone point their headlamp down into the water as they stood there. This is a selfie of me, with my headlamp on the lowest setting. I would have liked to have stacked images for this but by the time I thought about it, the Milky Way had moved out of optimal position. In fact, this is a blend of the Milky Way from around the time when Jess was out there a few minutes before myself…

I lit the falls using a single (go to this link and use TRACYLEE for free shipping) bounced off the wall of the canyon facing the falls… This needed a way higher power than last years but it was a better diffused light than the direct one I used previously..

Because I wasn’t able to stack (I had changed compositions a few times), I don’t think this is a print worthy shot, but it’s perfect for social media…
ISO 6400
20 Seconds
Processed in LR & PS
@TokinaUSA 11-20 2.8
@SlikUSA 634-Cfl
@canonusa 70d
#tokinausa #slikusa #landscapelover #rsa_night #landscape_captures #landscapephotography #landscapehunter #beautifuldestinations #amazingearth #earthdeluxe #earthpics #earthpix #fantasticearth #earthmagic #earthcapture #wonderfulplaces #havasufalls #havasu #havaupai #natgeo #natgeotravel #canon #canonusa #natgeohub #tracylee #tracyleephotos #tracyleephotography #litbylume #lumecube #capture4cubes

I made the trek out…

Photo taken at: Havasu Falls, Supai, AZ – Grand Canyon

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