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I had never been to…

Photo Caption: I had never been to Grand Falls, and I wanted to see it before it dried up completely.. So I took off on an adventure with @KaydenPhan​ last week and unfortunately, due to how many places we crammed into the trip, I didn’t see the falls with my own eyes. In fact, it was so dark out there, the only way I was able to set up my cameras correctly was by taking photos and light painting the area. Through my research of it, I knew i would be able to get a Star trail shot. The MW shot would have needed to been taking in end of February from below the falls down stream to be able to get it any where near the falls. Even that would be questionable. And Cold. Very cold.

I set up my camera on the most precarious of fingers over the canyon. Kayden was definitely freaking out about it.. I shot Nine 2.5 minute long exposure images for the foreground before leaving my camera to itself to shoot the stars.. We went to sleep in the car while my camera did its thing.. Somewhere around midnight, we got back on the road back to Las Vegas.

I’m not the biggest fan of this image but I did go to great effort for it so I have to post it! Lol
ISO 1000
25 seconds

ISO 6400
F3.2 (accidentally not 2.8)
2min 30 seconds

Processed in LR, PS, and SLS for Noise Reduction
@TokinaUSA​ 11-20 2.8
@SlikUSA​ 634-CFL
@CanonUSA​ 70d
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I had never been to…

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