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SINGLE SHOT — I watched…

Photo Caption: SINGLE SHOT

I watched the weather all evening and it pretty much said I wasn’t going to be able to shoot tonight in the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree area so I made my way home.. As I was coming into Lucerne Valley, I was watching this crazy storm shooting bolts of lightning straight up.. I rolled into town hoping I could find a good foreground and remembered this cafe on the corner where I had to turn.. I was lazy; i grabbed all my gear from the trunk and then sat in the drivers seat and set up everything out the window of the car.. I have behind the scenes pics of this and my excuse is that it was COLD!!! While I was taking my photos, a security guard climbed out of his camper to see what I was up to and blocked my camera through another lightning strike. And, by the time I was set up, the lightning strikes were so few and far between that this blockage was a bummer! Still stoked to get this shot, though! Bummed- looks like the skies are clear over in Palm Springs now 🙁 I could have gone somewhere to shoot in J tree tonight!!!! Ps: check my story for the behind the scenes of this photo lol and can someone tell me why the 24/7 cafe is closed!?!!
ISO 400
10 seconds
@Canonusa 24-70
Canon 70d
@Slikusa 634-CFL
Single image processed in LR & PS

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SINGLE SHOT — I watched…

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