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It has come to our…

Photo Caption: It has come to our attention that a “digital artist” has been stealing photos from a respected member of the night photography community and passing them off as their own in the composites that they create. We’re sure that it hasn’t stopped there and we assume that said user has stolen images from others as well. We have blocked this user, @atmajayaboby and request that you support the photography community and block this person as well. This so called digital artist is SELLING the stolen work on his site.

Now this happens all the time, and we can’t find everyone who steals images but this particular composite made from stolen images has been making the rounds on some very large hubs.

If you are a hub, I request that you share this, remove this image if you posted it, and help spread the word that this behavior will not be tolerated.

If you are a digital artist, you should collaborate with photographers whose photos you want to use.. at the very least (and this doesn’t make it right) you should credit the photographer whose image you are using and not resell their work without their consent or permission.

Thank you -@tracyleephotos

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It has come to our…

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