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This weekend was somewhat of…

Photo Caption: This weekend was somewhat of a diet disaster for me. But probably not as bad as you think. Saturday morning I went snowboarding and got little bit of exercise in, but then we stopped to get Mexican food on the way home. I did pretty good, ordering only the shrimp ceviche. But I did eat about 10 tortilla chips. Then I got home and showered and went to a wedding where I threw my diet completely out the window. Then went to my friends Christmas party and ate super bad and finished with cheesecake!

So yesterday before heading up snowboarding I had chia pudding for breakfast and then a couple hard boiled eggs. I took some salami in my jacket with me and I ate that throughout the day. I finished the entire thing myself. At the end of the day, by the time I got home and ate + everything I ate on a very active powder trip, I probably only did 1500 calories and 60 grams of carbs. Hence being all over the place on my diet this weekend! Back on track this week (I hope) except for I am for sure cheating on Christmas Day!

This is a smoothie Bowl I made this morning using @Lyfefuel protein, avocados, spinach, frozen fruit comment and coconut water. Yummy!


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This weekend was somewhat of...

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