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This is a single part…

Photo Caption: This is a single part of an entire pano of the Las Vegas Strip that can be seen on

So @saolybensonphoto, Bill Inglehart, & I went in search of a high location to take an image of the full moon rising over the strip.. While last month’s moon was the largest we will see it for decades (or whatever) this one was still almost as big… We ran into a few issues as we were planning out this shot for the last few weeks..
One was figuring out where to shoot this from.. I knew that we had to shoot this on Tuesday night, the night of the full moon. It was rising right after sunset so it was the only way we were going to get this shot with color still in the sky. We then had to figure out what angle we wanted to shoot it from and where we could get up high enough. Two more issues came up. We didn’t take into account the mountains on the other side of the strip, as well as the clouds that evening. We did quite a bit of app checking but then day of got together at 3pm and just drove around until we decided on a location west of the strip.
It was a little after 5pm when the moon started showing his face… I had never done a long distance pano before and it turned out to be a pretty difficult thing to do as I panned and tried to keep all elements in my composition. I was shooting with Sao Ly’s 100-400 lens at about 350 in portrait orientation on my crop sensor camera. I had no idea that the moon would move as fast as it did! this ended up being 17 images across with a single frame for the correct moon exposure. I had gotten the Mandalay Bay in my image but for some reason when stitching it together it wouldn’t show up so I gave up instead of adding it in by hand.

For those who want to know, the moon was actually that size, and in that location. Only thing I did was re-expose for the moon! The cloud isn’t going behind the moon- see the discoloration at the top of it, it’s going over it…
ISO 1600
1/25 second
Processed in LR & PS

This is a single part…

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