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I’m posting these photos in…

Photo Caption: I’m posting these photos in a random order I guess.. This was taken on my spontaneous trip to Red Rock Canyon State Park on Wednesday night with my friend, @Justinn_timee. I had always wanted to go to this park and it just was always a little bit out of the way of whatever adventure I happened to be on.. This time I went there specifically to check out the park and HOPEFULLY get a good astro shot. We got there before sunset and because we didn’t have a lot of time to explore the area, didn’t end up with any sunset photos of note. But we had plenty of time to climb all over the features and wander around before it was dark. As we were taking tons of selfies and having fun, I spotted this northern composition and knew I wanted to set up my camera here.

We came back to the location I had chosen just as the stars were starting to appear in the sky and using a couple different apps narrowed down that this must be the north star. I usually just look for the big dipper and find it that way, but because it was behind the mountain, I couldn’t be completely sure. I set up my camera on a scree slope that was so slippery I had to have Justin stand steady right below me. I shot a number of foreground shots which I didn’t end up using because the foreground was lit by the moon the entire time.

We left my camera shooting and took off to the town of Mojave about 25 min south to grab dinner. It was surprising to find a relatively good thai restaurant there! I said hello and thank you in Thai (I have been to thailand 3 times now) and the owner was so excited he came out to have a conversation with us before we left.

It was super cold out so when we went back, we pretty much ran back to the camera and then ran back to the car. The landscape was still so lit up by the moon that we didn’t have to use flashlights to navigate.. Super happy with how this image turned out.. wait till you hear my settings.. I can’t wait to go back here next year and try and figure out a great Milky Way composition!

I drove home to Vegas after this, slept 2 hrs & then continued to Zion Thursday to make sunrise.
ISO 400
30 seconds
274 images
Processed in PS

I’m posting these photos in…

Photo taken at: Red Rock Canyon State Park

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