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This shot was a total…

Photo Caption: This shot was a total accident.. Perhaps not a complete accident, but an accident nonetheless… I guess I have a crazy fascination with dead trees.. I have known that a long time, but people seem to get a kick out of it because I guess I point them out a lot, lol.. It got to the point on this trip into the Maze in Canyonlands that everyone started pointing them out to me.. So after we set up camp, it only seemed right to try and get a shot of this tree with the clouds moving behind it while I waited for the moon to set so I could shoot the Milky Way.. I got my composition set up, my focus, and then started my exposure using my intervalometer.. And then I realized, damn I’m hungry and went back to camp to start my food cooking. And then I sat down and forgot that I had a long exposure going. By the time I remembered, it had been going 433 seconds and I had a bright foreground, my tree, a Milky Way, and star trails all in a single image..

Editing this thing took me a few days.. It was a tedious edit but not a hard one until my LR started having issues with the RAW File for some reason.. My LR would lag on every single brush stroke and made it next to impossible to finish. Tell you the truth, It’s not even how i wanted it, but I spent so many hours trying to figure out the issue and edit, that this is how it’s going to be…. lol
ISO 800
Processed in LR & PS
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This shot was a total…

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