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As we were exiting Mud…

Photo Caption: As we were exiting Mud Springs the other night in Red Rock Canyon in Vegas, this beautiful orb started to appear above the horizon. I wasn’t prepared to shoot the Super Moon and in fact I hadn’t done any research to realize that the FULL moon was on Sunday night, the night I took this photo.. tell you the truth, I had even forgotten I had taken it because I felt so unprepared for it. I had my camera on me, but only my kick around 15-85mm canyoneering lens. I still attempted a shot and although not what I wanted, I was still able to capture the colors of the evening as the sun was descending and the moon ascending.
ISO 100
1/40 second
Processed in LR & PS
#supermoon #supermoon2016 #sunset #vegassunset #tracyleephotos #tracylee #redrock #redrockcanyon #mudsprings #hiking #adventureismydrug #supermoonsunset

As we were exiting Mud…

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