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So like I said yesterday,…

Photo Caption: So like I said yesterday, I wanted to head out last night and try and shoot the Milky Way in El Paso.. There’s a lot of light pollution due to the side by side cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez but when I was out at Cattleman’s for dinner on Wednesday night I spotted my muse perfectly lined up with some teepees next to a lake so I was on a mission.

I headed out about 30 minutes to the outskirts of the city around 7pm last night; just as the Galactic Center was set to make an appearance. I quickly set up my gear and was able to grab a quick focus due to the lights from the property. They were causing a really bad flare in my lens so I put myself in between the light and the camera body to stop this from happening. As I was shooting, I heard a noise of something approaching and when I turned I at first thought it was a dog. As it skittishly ran away, I realized it was a coyote; they had a lot there on the property…

I used 11 images for the sky stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker and 11 for the foreground. I wasn’t thinking and changed out my lens in between the two so while the tripod staying in the same place, I ended up causing myself extra editing time due to discrepancies between the two photos. No joke, this took a TON of editing and I wouldn’t have been successful with having it not look like crap were in not for using SLS to stack for Noise Reduction.
ISO 800
15 seconds for sky
11 Images stacked in SLS for NR

ISO 400
10 seconds for foreground
11 Images stacked in SLS for NR
Processed in LR & PS
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So like I said yesterday,…

Photo taken at: Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch, Fabens, TX

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