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I keep striving to challenge…

Photo Caption: I keep striving to challenge myself in things I have never tried or just more difficult ways of shooting. On Saturday night in Death Valley with @photographybysaoly & @beardslyriver, I decided I was going to try and shoot with 3 bodies. My two 70ds and my 7d… I wanted a body for star trails, a body for milky way timelapse and a 3rd to try all different Milky Way shots with. The difficult part was 1, having to focus and set up 3 cameras in the dark, and 2, shoot with a 24-70 on a crop sensor, something I have never done while shooting the milky way. —
I decided to shoot horizontal shots and attempt to do a vertical pano, all while shooting to stack for noise reduction, as well as doing a focus stack for the foreground. I didn’t know I was going to do all this that night but I liked the challenge of working all this out in my head on the spot. To me in looks like a pretty normal Milky Way image now that it’s done, but I know some of you can see the fact that the mudcracks are sharp as well as the stars so can tell there’s a little extra effort here 🙂
4 shot pano (6 images on each panel stacked for NR in SLS- 24 images total)
6 of the images refocused for the foreground
ISO 4000
Canon 24-70
13 seconds
Lit by a single Lume Cube (
Processed in LR, PS, & SLS
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I keep striving to challenge…

Photo taken at: Death Valley National Park

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